Our Mission & Beliefs

The Independent Firearm Owners Association believes that defending the constitutional and statutory right of firearms ownership will be most successful when based upon a broad understanding of attitudes different Americans hold toward the role of firearms in a free society.

IFoA supports diligent enforcement of the laws that protect Americans from violent criminals, and early recognition, intervention and treatment for mentally disturbed individuals.

IFoA opposes laws whose main purpose or effect is to infringe upon the right of Americans to possess and use firearms for lawful purposes (defense, sport, hunting or collecting).

Most Americans live in states that fully recognize and respect their right to own and use firearms. IFOA is dedicated to advancing the rights of firearms owners in jurisdictions that treat the right of firearm ownership as a privilege to be enjoyed only by the wealthy, the powerful or other political, social or financial elites.

IFoA is not allied with any political party or special interest. We seek an intelligent, thoughtful dialogue to achieve solutions that will command broad support among people of various political, social and ideological persuasions. We welcome all freedom loving Americans as partners in this quest, but particularly those who live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, California, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. where gun owners continue to be treated as suspect class citizens.

IFoA is a new and non-traditional firearms rights organization – for the defense of important rights, but also for a rational dialogue leading to practical solutions. Your involvement will make that a reality.

IFoA believes that many aspects of our criminal justice system are antiquated, cost prohibitive, counter-productive and destructive to our most cherished fundamental human rights and individual civil liberties which Americans rightly consider to be their birthright. Failure to recognize our many unintended consequences and rapidly reconstruct our system inevitably leads to additional losses of our hallowed freedoms and the essential spirit which resides at the core of our unique identity as a nation! We believe that NH Revolutionary War hero General John Stark was correct when he said "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils."