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Senator Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons” Ban is “ Animal House” approach to Public Policy


Wash. DC. 2/28/13    Last month, former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s stated  to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing “We must do something!” The critical question then was what exactly shall we do?

Today, Senator Feinstein's symbolic rhetoric of banning scary looking forearms  suggests that, in fact, she is prepared to do  nothing substantive” said IFoA President Richard Feldman. “IFoA urged zeroing in on the problems of criminals and the crime-prone insane with guns last month  at the White House meeting with Vice President Biden and Attorney General Holder.”
IFoA applauded the Obama effort to seek meaningful solutions in the spirit of free and open dialogue that welcomed recommendations germane to the issue.

The warmed over “Sham Assault Weapon” ban (which doesn’t outlaw a single true assault weapon) puts American gun owners on “ Double Secret Probation ”. Banning firearms from those who don’t misuse them instead of focusing our attention on criminals and the mentally ill is a monumental waste of time and resources when this country’s gun-owners and non gun-owners alike demand actions directly related to the clear and present dangers.

“Senator Feinstein makes a mockery of the President’s efforts and good intentions. Whether she does it intentionally or as an unintended consequence of her so-called ‘assault weapons ban, makes no difference,” said Feldman. “She is sabotaging the possibility of respectful and responsible dialogue. Her way polarizes the public into two warring camps. Worse, she is attempting to  divert the attention of Congress and the nation from the real problem at hand. That problem, as President Obama so correctly pointed out, is keeping firearms, all firearms, out of the hands of prohibited persons,” said Feldman.

Senator Feinstein said she “tried to learn” from the 1994 bill. She said she “tried” to recognize legal hunting rights, that she “tried” to recognize legal defense rights and that she “tried” to recognize the right of a citizen to legally possess a weapon. But the truth of the matter is she fails on all points,” said Feldman. “She also failed to remember that the only tangible effect of the 1994 ban was to create a Republican landslide at the polls that year and flush the Democrat majority from Congress ending the political careers of many fine legislators including that of the late Chairman Jack Brooks of Texas and then House Speaker Tom Foley”
Senator Feinstein’s argument questioning the “need” of responsible citizens to have so-called “assault weapons” and magazines with cartridge capacities in excess of ten rounds is as spurious as the terms “assault weapon” and “ban” used in her bill.
“We need food, shelter, oxygen and water. All other accouterments of daily life – the make and model car we drive, the partner we marry, or the type firearms we buy – are based on our right as Free men and Free women to chose what we want,” said Feldman. “When she was Mayor of San Francisco and banned handguns there, Ms. Feinstein surrendered her snub-nose .38 but neglected to announce that she chose to keep her .357 magnum pistol.”

Feldman pointed out that the Feinstein legislation would ban no “assault weapons,” simply semi-automatic firearms whose looks she doesn’t like. True “assault weapons” of the type used by the military already require prohibitively strict qualifications to purchase and own. “In effect, she’s attempting to profile firearms much like the profiling of minorities one suspects she might condemn,” said Feldman. “Even her use of the term ‘ban’ is meaningless unless she intends to order law enforcement go house-to-house and confiscate the nearly thirty million or so legally owned firearms she’s profiled as 'assault weapons'.”

The Independent Firearm Owners Association strongly supports mandatory National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) at gun shows. We believe Wayne LaPierre was right in 1999 when he supported this proposal before the House Judiciary Committee and wrong last month in opposing it. Our initiative is called the Gun Show Preservation and Protection Act of 2013. We support enhanced penalties for "gun running" and "straw man purchases", as Chairman Leahy has proposed.

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President Ronald Reagan firing his Colt AR-15 (notice the flash suppressor at end of barrel). You are expressly authorized to re-publish this picture. The person standing behind Pres. Reagan is Richard Feldman, then head of the firearm industry trade association. This picture was taken in June 1992 at his ranch in Santa Barbara, CA.

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